A simple protocol:  Run 400m followed by a max set of pull-ups.  Max Rounds in 20 minutes, note the number of pull-ups in each round.

Forceful human ambulation is never an easy thing.  You see above as our Nicole revels in her fatigue, she reaches for her watch to stop the clock…  Poetry.

Here’s what happening today, we’re gonna warm-up well, get our pull-up bars all squared away and then off to the races!  3,2,1… GO!  This is a great workout for a number of reasons.  If you can’t do pull-ups, you get a chance to work on them like crazy while keeping the metabolic conditioning rockin’ to help lose pounds.   If you’re already a kipping master, you’ll get a chance to set some PR’s and work on that Mile time!  For all those doing jumping pull-ups, here’s the good part – if someone is SUPER good at pull-ups, they’ll have to run their livin’ butts off to get as many rounds as someone who gets less pull-ups, ahh but the "Art" in the program is that if you can do lots of pull-ups you’re probably quick as Hermes running 1/4 mile…

The great balancing act of a truly awesome Met Con marvel.  I present you Nicole.  For those about to rock, I salute you.


Clan Cheiftan Out.