Jackie, Jackie, Jackie….


It looks so simple, after all it’s just one round?!?!  Everyone is in disbelief until they’re about 15 into the thrusters….

Congrats however are in order!!  Our best club time from December was 13:58, Nicole Picknell.  Now in March (merely 13 weeks of training) the club best time is 8:19 John Decoursey.  It’s crazy to watch because 13:58 was great back in Dec, but it was totally lame this time around!!  Nicole bested her own time by 4 minutes – what a wattage increase for all us physics psychos!!!


It’s working guys, just keep coming in and getting serious – pull-ups and squats baby.  The keys to success.  


As Skip Chase says:  "It’s crossfit baby".


Clan Cheiftan Out.