Ha ha ha – D and I had a chuckle when we came up with this little tagline 🙂  Here’s the deal, we’re finally ready to accept a lot more CrossFitters into our space.  I’m really happy with our equipment set-up and the ability to move it around!!!   Wahoo.  

So, to kick this off we’re having “The Friendly Fifth of February” a day to bring all friends, associated others, and peoples of all kinds to try out Local’s Gym.  We’re going to throw a good (read: scalable, technically simple, yet tough) workout on the board and get people running through it whenever they can make it.

All our trainers will be here throughout the day, Deidra, Monique, Zach, Spencer and myself assisting people, answering questions, cracking the whip  etc.

Main Workouts will be held at 







If one of these times doesn’t fit you or your friends’ schedules call us or just drop in, we’ll be here all day kickin’ having  a blast sharing CrossFit with everyone!

This is our favorite “large” man, this is an over 40″ box he tried to jump onto, Zach missed, we laughed hard, it was great.