Does she freak you out?  Piercings, choker necklaces, taped up wrists… She should because she’s CRAZY. Local’s Gym on the other hand is for (you guessed it) Local People.  Hence, “Local’s”.   Our vision is to offer, simply put, more fitness than you’ve ever been given before.  Corporate gyms want hundreds of dollars to sign up and promise a ton with their “state of the art” machinery and what not, you end up leaving because what you paid for you didn’t get.  We want substantially less money, we give you massive skilled coaching and motivation and guess what – you get in freaky great shape faster than ever before (sounds canned, but this time it’s true – check it out) regardless of your current fitness level or experiences.  
REGARDLESS.  If you come in uncoordinated, overweight, out of shape, quite intimidated.  I want you to get coordinated, on-weight, in freaky shape and quite possibly intimidating to others!

I’ll take it one step further.  Deep breath time.  You might double think doing anything that’s ostensibly supposed to develop you (school, CPR cert, SAT test, gym) if you’re not the least bit nervous about it – it probably isn’t worth doing.

Repeat.  If you’re not the least bit nervous about doing something that is supposed to make you better, it probably won’t make you better.  Feeling calm should be a heuristic for knowing when something is going to be lame and not worth your time or effort. 

Congrats, you’ve taken the first step – you’re online, you’re reading.  Now get serious.  Take your fitness (and life) by the reigns and get into fantastic shape.

If you think you’re already in fantastic shape – do two things: 1) come inside, 2) tell me you think you’re in fantastic shape.  See what happens :)