Dah dah duh duhdi duh da dah!

Dan and Tim our two favorite powerlifters 🙂  

We went to Anaheim California for the WABDL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships.  600 lifters, 42 states and 16 countries!  
Dan took second to Serafin Rocha-Lima of Brazil in the Bench Press with a 292# (twice narrowly missing #303 – we’ll post the vid) and second in the Deadlift to some total stud who now had the world record with a new PR of 419 (we left some on the platform that time though…) 

Tim entered the most stacked divisions at the meet, masters and open men bench pressers in the 242# weight class.  He took a surprising 7th.  The world record was also broken in this class as well with something astronomical like a #655.  Tim got 391, missed a 402 – but it was a good lift in my book – also tried 407 and that one proved to be his undoing. 

It was a great trip overall, saw some old friends, made some new ones – congrats to Gary Miller, new world record holder.  

Took a day trip to Venice California – to old muscle beach.  Crazy place it has become.  No more the heady days of Arnold, Mike and Franco – just vagrants and pot heads.  Too bad.  Heck of a nice park though – honestly it kicks Greenlake in the ass. 

Will post vids and photo’s when I get the chance.