Hooray we made it!!! Thanks everyone for believing in Deidra and I – you always knew we’d get open, we weren’t so sure sometimes… BUT, we’ve now got 44 members, so we need to get organized. Remember the scene in “The Great Escape” (remember, POW WWII camp, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, James Garner etc.) when they all finally get to the POW camp and they hold that first meeting to go over their plans for escape, and “there’ll be three tunnels, Tom, Dick and Harry”. Remember!!

This is that meeting! We’ve all been here in and out, thick and thin, full or flush. Now we dig. For me it’s a special treat to talk with our first customers and get everyone into what we’re trying to accomplish here for you and how we want to go about doing that safely, efficiently and happily.

The dates are gonna be Thursday the 4th 6:00PM and for those that can’t make it we’ll have a Friends and Family workout Saturday the 6th at 12:30 with a Club Meeting to follow. It’s gonna be rad, we’re unveiling some pretty exciting gifts and goals for people to strive for.

I hope you can make the time to join us at the first Local’s Gym Club Meetings!!


Little Jesse