Why do you train?


This is a pretty great video, go ahead and post a comment below, I think I have to approve them, so if it doesn’t go right away, no worries, I’ll get to it, but I think it’s pretty cool 🙂  Cheeseburger storage isn’t a good enough answer Chad.


Wednesday: 6am, 11am, 5:30pm

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The Workout:

“The Seven”

7 Rounds for Time of:

Handstand Push-ups

Thrusters 135/95

Knee to Elbows

Deadlifts 245/165


KB Swings 70/53



Home Version:

“The Magnificent Seven”

7 Rounds for Time of:

Handstand Push-ups, or a press of some kind

Thrusters with something that’s good

Knee to Elbows, if no pull-up bar, do a leg raise into a candlestick

Deadlifts with your heavy thing

Burpees, yay

KB Swings with what you’ve got

Pull-ups, if no bar, add a bent over row with a bar or DB’s or a band or something cool


Warm-up: This day is a little like the filthy 50’s, just getting the gear out and getting through some reps will in effect warm all sorts of things up.  A little proper prior pre-warm-up is good though.  Handstand Hold, Air Squats, Push-up Chest Circles, Standing Goodmornings maybe 3 sets of “10–25” makes sense reps wise on this.  Then take time through each piece and get it warmed up and set up appropriately, then blast it!

SCALING: 7 of each movement is way too many reps.  Bring it down to typically 3-5 reps of each movement, it might not seem like much, but 7 rounds is a lot more than 3, and the moves are all big moves, so don’t be a hero on this one guys.  If you’ve done it before, and feel aces high, add ONE rep and it’ll be way harder and more awesome for sure.



5 x 500m REST 2 Minutes between rounds, row at your 1k pace from SF Crusher and try to hang on!!!