Monday: Deadlift for Max

Tuesday: Max Rounds in 10 Minutes of: 3 Bar Muscle-Ups, 3 Box Jumps 30/24, 3 HSPU Hands on 45lb Plates

Wednesday: Nakba Day: For Time: 974m Row, 5 Rounds of: 15 HSQCL 75/55, 31 Ab Mat Sit-ups, 70 Dubs, 974m Row to Finish

Thursday: Thruster 5 Rep Max

Friday: 800m Run, 30 Ring Dips, 800m Run, 30 L-Pull-ups, 800m Run, 30 Alternating Pistols For Time

Saturday: With a partner: Double Grace, 60 Clean and Jerks in sets of 3 for time. I go, you go. Mike does 3, Ryan does 3, that’s 6 of the 60 reps they’ve got to do.