NOTICE: 9AM Class is no more, sad, but OH well 🙂 Truthfully, I never understood how it worked as I figured that people worked sometime in the mornings! HA 🙂


Monday: Jerry – the only workout where Rahul can pass you going two directions!! HAHA 🙂
Tuesday: Grace
Wednesday: 20-18-16…4-2 of Push-ups, and 2-4-6…18-20 of Pistols (Alternating) For Time
Thursday: 7 Horizontal Ring Rows, 7 Ring Dips, 21 One DB Lateral Box Step Overs 50/35
Friday: Deadlift Max 3
Saturday: Buddy Buddy Front Squats 45/95/135/185/225/275 3 Rounds of 5×5