Hey guys, couple things: Labor Day Weekend we’re gonna take some time, I hope you are too!! Get out of town, go get sunburnt, find that buddy with a boat, do the enchantments through hike. Yes. The gym will be closed, the 2nd and the 4th, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Be ready for burners before and after :

Furthermore! September 11th is coming: we’re gonna do “Chad” this year, it’s 1000 Step-ups 20 wearing a backpack that’s 45/35. Certainly we’ll be scaling this workout, shorter boxes (my favorite), fewer reps, lighter weight etc. etc. But it takes a long time, and so I was thinking it’d be cooler to have “Chad Sessions” early and late each day to ensure that there were loads of people around when it’s being done. I’m thinking a 3 Hour Slot in the AM, and a 2 Hour Slot in the PM. If you wanna have a good time with this workout it behooves to work on your specific gear so it’s comfortable and weighted in a balanced way. GoRuck (a company that sells really nice gear for stuff like this) gave affiliates a discount code at the Games so if you want to look into something like that, let me know.

Monday: 5 Rounds for Time of: 50 Step-Ups 24/20, 200m Run, 20 Push-ups, if you got a 20lb vest, wear it.

Tuesday: 75 Double Unders, 21 Toes to bar, 40 Hand to Hand KB Swings 44/31, 15 Toes to bar, 40 Hand to Hand KB Swings 44/31, 9 Toes to Bar, 40 Hand to Hand KB Swings 44/31, 75 Double Unders

Wednesday: Push Press Max 5, weighted Pull-up Max 5

Thursday: Max Rounds in 10 Minutes: 5 Hang Squat Cleans 155/105, 30 Walking Lunges, 5 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Friday: Trade Rounds with your Buddy: 1 Minute L-Sit, Row 250m, 3 Rounds then, 1 Minute Handstand Hold, Row 250m 3 Rounds then, 1 Minute Plank, 250m Row 3 Rounds – roughly a 36 minute workout

Saturday: “Other Total” – Overhead Squat, Bench Press and Clean