YO! People are posting, coming to 5am Classes, turning up for hikes on Sunday (10am at Heybrook Lookout Trail, HWY 2) gearing up for Marathon Bike Week, you name it! Couldn’t be more stoked about what all we have going on, this week is gonna be a doozey 🙂

Two Major Things Happening This Week:

1) Marathon Bike Week! We’ve got Concept2 Bikes in the Gym. Get on and ride for 42,100 Meters, as fast as you can. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours. Yeah that’s a lotta but time. Get a padded thing! Bike Shorts are a great buy, get your music right, use those ear buds. Just come in and get it done. We don’t have a schedule up (Eileen wanted to, she always wants a sign up) we are all free actors, and acting without public accountability is something that we don’t do much anymore, so practice this personal skill, of doing a hard thing, without telling anyone that you’re going to do it. Schedule the time, get to the gym, sit on down, and pedal until you’re done 🙂 Have some water with you 🙂

2) Grace for Distance!! I’ve always wanted to do this. Clean and Jerk (throw the hell out of) barbells for distance on a beach! We’re going to Richmond Beach, with banged up barbells and fat bars, and our shittiest weight plates to go have fun in the best way we know how: get sweaty with our friends! 10:30 be down there, at least in the parking lot, and help schlep the gear to the beach, then we can set up some cones, and get after it! If you’re all really good kids, maybe we can stay and do a long kettlebell flow on the beach…

Super stoked!

Monday: 100 Double Unders, 3 Rounds of: Right Handed Farmers Carry 100/70 150 Feet, Run 200m, Left Handed Farmers Carry 100/70 150 Feet, 200m Run, Finish with another 100 Double Unders

Tuesday: Thruster for 1 Rep Max

Wednesday: Moon 7 rounds for time: 10 hang split snatches R 40/30, 1 rope climb 15′, 10 hang split snatches L40/30, 1 rope climb 15’

Thursday: 3 Bench Presses 255/175 , 15 Toes to Bar, Trade Rounds with your buddy

***Save Your Hands Team!!***

Friday: 7 Rounds for Time of: 1 Deadlift 405/315, 3 Strict Pull-ups, 5 Kipping Pull-ups

Saturday: 50 Reps for Time of Sandbag/Med Ball over a Yoke or Bar