***Remember 4:15pm is our only PM Class on Fridays! Thanks!!***

We don’t do a ton of double days, but this week I guess we have two! You’re “welcome??” HA 🙂 Today is perfect though, come in, get loose, crank some heavy barbell work, that’s actually never going to be that heavy, and then give our old favorite Annie a good go. Very cool.

Sumo DL High Pulls for 3’s
50/40/30/20/10 For Time of:
Double Unders and Ab-Mat Sit-ups

Remember: NO GHDs, scale the sit-ups, and if you’ve done it RX under 7:00 that means you can add a set of 60 at the start, if you want to. You might just not want to, are you gonna get so unfit getting 6:58rx again? I think not Jeeves. Carry on!