The Workout:


Max Rounds in 20 Minutes of:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 Alternating Pistols

15 Pull-ups


Mary is a huge huge workout.  Let’s scale and enjoy ourselves and it’ll be great!  Getting like 3 rounds Rx is legit!!!


Another Blast about the events guys!



These are cool times to bring your friends to hang out and meet people.  We’ll be smashing workouts outside, in the sun, they’ll be truly awful, but always scalable, and ending with a feast somewhere.  Seems right doesn’t it?  I’m down to pump them up in anyway you guys can think of.  Hopefully Eileen (I haven’t asked her yet!! hahaha :)) will post this stuff to FB, and then pics will be very Instagrammable, and you guys can like and share, and repost ’til your hearts’re content.

Juneteenth a.k.a. June 19th: “Hildy”

“Hildy” For Time w/ a Vest with a buddy: Buddy 1: 50 cal Row Buddy 2: 50 cal Row, Buddy 1: 45 DB Thrusters (25/15) Buddy 2: 45 DB Thrusters (25/15), Buddy 1: 50 Box Jumps 24/20 Buddy 2: 50 Box Jumps 24/20, Buddy 1: 45 Wall ball Shots (20/14) Buddy 2: 45 Wall Ball Shots (20/14), Buddy 1: 50 cal Row Buddy 2: 50 Cal Row

We’ll smash this at Wilcox Park, just down the street from the gym.  If it’s sunny.  If it’s not sunny, we’ll smash it in the gym.  We’ll register in heats of 12 people (6 teams) if we’re at the Park.  We can certainly accommodate more than that if we’re at the gym.  The workout does take a while, but it’ll be a cool hangout if it’s sunny 🙂

Scaling: Less and lighter!  You know the drill 🙂

June 26th: Big Hill and 5 Guys!

Nike Hill a.k.a. “Sisyphus”: 4 Rounds, each for time, back to back in heats of 5, once finished head to Five Guys for Burgers and Fries!

You know that big ass hill in Bothell where the Kenmore Gun Range is and the military installation is on the top and the landscape supply/dump is on the south side?  Yeah that hill.  Let’s load up and climb it.  Backpacks, ankle weights, anti-breathing masks, medballs to hold, everything that makes it sound more amazing, let’s do it.

Logistics: Heats of 5 really because the sidewalk is only so wide and I want to kind of minimize resting in a way, read below…

Back-up and support: Vans.  Everyone can certainly get themselves to the hill to do the event.   But once your heat has finished the march, you’re gonna load up into a van, get driven right back down the hill, to start again.  Two reasons: 1) eliminate the nasty downhill leg damage, and 2) minimize “resting” time.  Who wants that?’

On the last climb, we’ll dump the weights into the van, change T-shirts (I suppose) and get shuttled to 5 Guys for burgers and fries just on the other side of hill.

Scaling: Less and Lighter, easy day!