This week starts our Teens and Kids program!! Thanks to everyone for jumping on board and getting this going, super stoked for it. I see a future of super fit kids and teens turning into adults never not knowing how to do cleans and pull-ups. That gets me FIRED UP!!


LCF as Rx’d

20-min AMRAP:
1 15′ Rope Climb
5 Burpees
200m Run


400M Walking Lunges


Dip for Max 5


Max Weighted Ring Row 1RM, Pull-up Negatives, and Muscle-up work.


LCF as Rx’d (wow!!)

“Don” For Time: 66 Deadlifts (85/60) 33 Box Jumps (16”/12”) 66 KB Swings (35/26) 33 Bar Taps 66 ABMAT Sit-ups 33 Jumping Pull-ups 66 Thrusters (33/22) 33 Wallball Shots (12-10’/10-9’) 66 Double Unders 33 Squat Thrusts


1 Minute Turkish Get-ups 53/35 Right
1 Minute Handstand Hold
1 Minute Hollow Rock
1 Minute Turkish Get-ups Left
1 Minute Ring Dip Support
1 Minute Hollow Rock

2 Rounds for Awesome

Saturday: It’s gonna be performed outside, sharing the barbells, and enjoying the great outdoors! And occasional cars, park in front please!!


15-min AMRAP:
6 Power Snatches 135/95
7 Strict Pull-ups
5 KB Snatches (53/35) Right
5 KB Snatches (53/35) Left
200m 1 Handed Farmers Walk (53/35, switch hands at 100m)