CrossFit Classes:

Monday: Lynne w/ Strict Pull-ups

Tuesday: OHSQ, Toes to Bar, Wall Ball Shots

Wednesday: 3, 1k Rows for PR and within 10 seconds after that!!!

Thursday: Power Snatches 75/55 and Overhead Backwards Stationary Lunges 75/55

Friday: DB Power Clean and Push Press, with 200m Runs

Saturday: “Ryan”


Weightlifting Conjugate:

Monday: Dynamic Effort Upper Body

Straight Bar 4 sets close grip, 4 sets regular grip, with 50% and 1-3 Chains/side 8×3

Pin Bench Press 4” off Chest 3 sets all out

Lightened Method Barbell JM Press 5×12

DB Rows but use a barbell long-ways 3×20/side

Do 60 Pull-ups

DB Hammer Curls 5×10/side


Tuesday: Sleds Work Session

3 trips Forwards Hands below knees
3 Trips Backwards hands tight by shoulders
2 trips Sideways attached at the waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs in the Front Rack and dragging sled by waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs overhead and dragging sled by waist
1 trip Zombie Walking hugging a sandbag
3 trips One Handed Farmers Walk

GHD Sit-ups 5×20

Quick reminder guys, sledding outside is great now! So keep using the worst plates you can find, the Gold’s Gym ones, the BFCO black ones, and then there’s a 35 floating around too. Thanks

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Absolute Strength Clean and Jerk

Power Clean and jerk

Sumo Chain Deads 5×3

Mid Thigh CL Pull 5 sets of 3 exertions

Clean Shrugs on Barbell, 5×12

Banded Leg Raises 100x


Friday: Lower Body Accessories

45 Degree Hip Extensions 5×10

Walking Lunges Bar On Back 5×10/side

Reverse Hypers Regular 180lbs 4 sets

Zombie Sled Walks 2 trips Holding Sandbag in front

Standing Cable Crunches do 100 with same weight as last time


Saturday: Special Strengths

Work to Max 40m Farmers Carry then into 4 Rounds of 30 Sledge Hammer Strikes against tire and 30 70# Russian KB swings

Sunday: Rest


Powerlifting Conjugate:


Wearing a weighted Vest + taking DB’s from hang to clean during the jumping motion

Concentric Back Squat at K: 13 -Straight Bar (SB)

Lightened Method Straight Bar GM 5×5 70%

Inverse Curl Negatives 25x, 3-5 at a time

Hip Extensions 3 sets add weight

Barbell Side Bends 7×5



Duffalo Bar Regular Grip Low Incline Lightened 1″ Bench Press -Heavy 8

Low Incline DB Extensions 5×8

T-Bar 5×5 lightened monster mini

Close Supine Mag Grip Pulldowns 5×8

Walking Resist Twist w/ Band 5 sets of 5 exertions



Wearing a weighted Vest + taking DB’s from hang to clean during the jumping motion

Reverse Hypers 5×12

Weighted Planks w/ Belt Accumulate 5 Minutes

Lying MedBall Between Feet 200x Hammy Curls

Triceps Extensions Do 100-200 of them



SSQ Box Squats K orange and mini + 135 12×2

Sumo 160 w/ 1″ and micro bands 20 singles

Hip and Back Extensions 5 Sets

Sideways Sled Marching 200m K: 2 and a 25

Cable Pulldown Abs 4×25



Straight Bar 8×3 Bands K: 75K: Micro band

Decline DB Press 4 sets

Underhanded DB’s 4 sets Triceps Extensions

Low Row on the Belt Squat 5×8

100 Bandy Sweeps

Lying DB Rotators 3x burning/side