Hey guys! Today is the 4th, be stoked 🙂

Wilcox Park is on 196th after Big Lots and before Wendy’s, it’s got all the flags out front. We’ll most likely be post up in the back of the park (north side) which is away from the flags and the main entrance. You can get there by turning onto 52nd Ave and finding the parking lot. Easy.

High Noon is tee time! There will most likely be some staggering at the start (and the finish!) to make sure that everyone has a spot to come back to for the reps.

I missposted earlier this week.


For Time:
6k Run
60 Burpee Pull-ups
Wear a weight vest

Scaling: run less, walk less, and then we’ll have jumping pull-up options as well. With any luck I’ll be able to figure out a handwashing station for when we’re done spending so much time on the grass. WOOOO.