Seriously.  What do you want to do?  Bench Press 315?  Do 20 Pull-ups in a row?  Run, really run and have it not feel terrible?  One-handed handstands?  Compete again?  Meet some new friends?  Listen to hard rock and sweat?  Lose 20 pounds?  Lose 120 pounds?  Gain 20 pounds?  Learn the Olympic Lifts, after all we compete in Beijing this year!?  Be able to kick serious ass at softball/volleyball/badminton this summer?  Drop your cholesterol?  Raise your HDL?  Fix your knees?  Fix your back?  Fix your Clean and Jerk?  Climb Everest?  Well, maybe we’d have to call some people about that, but we’d totally hook you up with the right people!

You get me?  Let us know your deep dark motivations for coming and working so hard!  We can then in turn really help get you where you want to go faster and easier.  Just remember one thing; there are benefits from not getting everything you want, and that adversity creates mental toughness, this toughness translates into everything you do, and yes, it atrophies when not engaged.  In other words, get more hardcore, and all that’ll happen is you’ll get more hardcore.  It’s kinda like Rambo.  In First Blood he was tough, fighting off the town cops and reserves right?  But by Rambo III he was straight chillin’ in the face of this massive Russian army with only a gun, a senior, a bandana and one helluva hardcore attitude.  His life had much adversity.  Perhaps we could add a little to yours?  What do you have to gain?

Clan Chieftan Out.