This is what you’ve all been waiting for!!!



April 12th:  Majestics Football!!!   You’ve seen ’em trash our gym and WOD’s.  Now come watch them trash the competition.  Especially because it’s Portland!

April 13th:  The first ever, Lynnwood CrossFit Track Meet!!!  Booyah!  There will be several events:  1 mile, 100m Dash, Shot Put (using a stone, unless someone has a shot?) and maybe some other events as equipment shows itself or people get good ideas…  Let’s be subversive, how about 12:00 Noon at the Edmonds Civic Center Track, you know down the hill from the Francis Anderson Center.  Also – can someone fill me in if there’s like the taste of deadmonds that weekend or something?!?!

April 19th:  Surrender your Sweat Saturday 🙂 11:00AM  This is our "Open House" workout.  It’s free to everyone, you, your friends, co-workers, even your auntie!  We’ll be having fun in the sun with a brutal workout – bring your buds and Surrender Your Sweat!!  Hopefully if it’s really nice out we’ll set up our first Hooverball Tournament so prestigious, like Princeton… 

April 26th:  Real Military PT Test 11:00AM.  I’ve got a couple of military types coming in to proctor a legitimate PT test for the Army.  This test would determine your status entering the Army.  It involves, Running, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups timed.  Sounds a lot like CrossFit 🙂  The thing about this that is great is that there is so much data on this test that you can really measure yourself against a large population of athletes once completed.  This will be held at the gym.  11:00AM.  Sharp!!!