The Open is over!
Well, there might be a few of you doing the workout Monday morning, but by and large we made it! Congrats if it’s your first one, and bravo if it’s your 14th 🙂 Sad things: no more gymnastics days on Thursdays, it’ll be an actual workout (yay!!). Happy things: no more crazy schedule stuff, and silly rules about where to stand when 3,2,1… GO! happens, and less stress about no-reps and what’s in the workout 🙂 I sincerely hope you enjoyed the last 3 weeks though. It’s a great time to refocus, see where you stack up, take a workout a little bit more seriously, and think about recovery in a way that helps. Personally I’m reaffirmed that my life-long quest to deal with Thrusters is worthy, I hope you have something similar that you feel convicted of, and hopefully there’s some light amidst all this: good example of this is Tim getting his LIFETIME first pull-up, and then getting like 6 more! So cool 🙂

Spring Break!
Remember April 1-6 the gyms will be closed. We’ve been doing this for some years now, and it’s really a wonderful thing: the gym needs to be cleaned (obvs) but more importantly it’s a time to go through things with a fine toothed comb and get them back to where they should be. My punch list is never ending, and you all might not really see the difference, but I do 🙂 Enjoy the week off, hopefully you’ve already got plans and are happily going camping or somewhere more exotic. If you’re worried about getting out of shape in a week, all I can say is DONT. We smash you guys 50 weeks a year, several hundred workouts, give yourself a little credit and more grace, and recognize that a week off here and there is probably a really good thing (Pam, don’t let Dan read that last sentence) and be ready to get in the 8th of April ready to rock 🙂

Kids CrossFit Stuff!
Summer time is coming! Stef and Eileen are working on this to figure out the dates, times and prices for you guys. Be ready to get those littles involved and having fun with CrossFit!


Monday: “Barraza” AMRAP in 18 minutes, 200 meter Run, 9 Deadlift (275/185 lb), 6 Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups

Tuesday: Hang Squat Clean x5

Wednesday: 5 Rounds of Mary for Time, 5 Handstand Push-ups, 10 Alternating Pistols, 15 Pull-ups

Thursday: 21-15-9 for Time of: Power Snatch 95/65, GHD Sit-ups

Friday: The Chief

Saturday: Teams of 4! LCF C2 Bikes, and Plank. Max distance in 28 minutes, each minute is a rotate, 2 minutes rest each “round”. SMASH THE BIKE. Seriously smash it, like it stole the Justin Timberlake bookmark you had inside your Goosebumps book, Ann. Hahahahha 🙂 Hugs!