Normal Hours for us today guys 🙂

In all seriousness, how crazy it is that it’s only been 60 years since the south stopped segregation. That’s actually not that long ago.

Snow forecasted for Tuesday (maybe), keep a keen eye on this website for info related to it if anything does come up. Rock it.


Monday: Chelsea, 30 Minutes, of Pull-up, Push-up, Air Squat 🙂

Tuesday: Clean for Max 5

Wednesday: 7 Rounds for Time of: Row 21 Calories, 42 Double-Unders

Thursday: Bike 1000m, Ski 400m, 21 DB Thrusters 45/35, SandBag/MedBall Carry 100/50 Down and Back to start Do this in waves: Pair people up, once the skiers have started, send the next wave of bikers. Coach Determines Roundages, be excited 🙂

Friday: Let’s work it up to a 5RM on the BENCH!

Saturday: 200m Run, XX Rope Climbs, XX Toes to Bar, max reps in 15 minutes, run causes the rotate, Rope Climbs are 7x for scoring. Teams of 3.