Big Week!

If you’ve signed up for a class time for the Level 4, awesome, thank you! NOW you CANNOT be late, must be early, you have to sign HQ’s wavier and other stuff like that. 5-10 minutes is plenty. THANKS!!

FIRST: schedule. Monday is normal. Tuesday, 5, 6, 7, 11am is normal. PM ONLY HAS A 4:30PM CLASS. That is a guest coach teaching and it’ll be rad. Wednesday is 5, 6, 7AM, and that’s it for regular classes. We have a 9am, 11am, 1PM and 4:30PM Level 4 testing class which are already filled up with those who’ve registered. There is still room in the 4:30PM if you wanna jump in, put your name on the board ON MONDAY. There is a limit for attendees, and you HAVE TO BE early.

Thanks guys, all these rules are not my rules, and truthfully what it’s about is setting up the person who’s testing for success. They’re getting graded on their ability to lead a class, and with people they don’t know, coming in late will make it just that much harder to stay on their groove and perform at their best. IT’S NOT EASY!!

12 Days! OMG. Days 1-4 are this week, you’ll get a sticker if you complete all 12, Friday is Make-Up day, and Saturday is still a team workout, be excited 🙂


This is a silent week 🙂 There’s load of workouts coming for the L4, but there’s a plan for classes that day, be cool, and Monday is Cindy. So get those hands trimmed up, and go ahead and stretch out your legs so you can squat low! Carolyn, don’t do that 🙂

Rock on you guys!