At the risk of sounding sappy, it’s been an honor to spend another year with you guys. Lots of ups and downs as always, loads of records, thousands of reps. Carrie and I have been here since 2006 building this gym, and then in 2007 working in it. 16 Years, most businesses don’t make it this long, I’m glad that we have, and that’s mostly to do with you guys wanting to come in and get after it, week in week out. Congrats and Bravo.

12 Days of Christmas are coming! Please remember that I’m not the guy who’s trying to exclude people by not using “Holidays” over Christmas, I’m just like a normal dude, and 12 days is fun because it fits really well, and I don’t know another way.

Starting the 4th – Next Monday – the first 4 workouts each week (Monday through Thursday) are workouts 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, Friday is make-up day or heavy day, and Saturday is still a team workout for happiness. We’ll have a Tally up in the Auxiliary Glass Boards in the gym, piece of cake.

ALSO!! Next week Dec 4th and 5th, we’re hosting the L4 for CrossFit again! Very big deal. Class sign-ups will be on the boards, we need people to sign up to allow the coaches testing to have real people to work with. Fear not about your ability level, THEY are being tested on their ability to teach and scale, NOT YOU on your athletic capacity. Deets in the gym as always 🙂


Monday: 7 Bench Presses, Row 400m, Rest 5 Minutes, 5 Rounds for total weight added up and total time of all the rows together

Tuesday: LET YOUR COACH REDUCE YOUR REPS. Otherwise this workout will take forever. DON’T BE A NO-SCALE SCOTT.

“Filthy Intervals” 50 box Jumps 24/20, 50 Jumping Pull-ups Rest 2 Minutes 50 KB Swings 35/26, 50 Walking Lunges, Rest 2 Minutes 50 Knees-to-Elbows, 50 Push Presses 45/35, Rest 2 Minutes 50 Back Extensions, 50 Wall Ball Shots 20/14, Rest 2 Minutes 50 Burpees, 50 Double Unders, rest.

Wednesday: 3 Times Through Makes “1 Round:” Snatch Deadlift, Snatch High Pull, Power Snatch, Overhead Squat, Heaving Snatch Balance – Do it 5 Rounds with increasing weight

Thursday: Back Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30

Friday: Max Rounds in 12 Minutes of: 6 L-Pull-ups, and 25 Double Unders

Saturday: Team Abatte For Time, 1 mile Run (In 400m Relays), 21 Clean-and-Jerks (155/105 lb), 800 Meter Run (in 200m Relays), 21 Clean-and-Jerks (155/105 lb), 1 mile Run (in 400m Run Relays)

The team has to do 21 CnJ’s, they can break them up however they like, e.g. Brent does 11, Stephen does 10, that finishes the first round.