Monday: Push Press x5

Tuesday: For Time: 70 Burpees, 50 KB Swings 53/36, 30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Wednesday: For Time: 800m Run, 50 Lateral 20″ Step-Overs with 35’s/25’s, 30 Wall Ball Shots 20-10’/14-9′, 400m Run, 25 Lateral 20″ Step-Overs with 35’s/25’s, 15 Wall Ball Shots 20-10’/14-9’

Thursday: 1 Minute at each station, 3 Rounds for Reps: Bike Cals, Hand Release Push-ups, Ski Cals, Plank Reaches, Jump Throughs on P-Lets, Rest

Friday: Power Snatch x2 -then- Jackie!

Saturday: CrossFit Total: Max Squat, Press and Deadlift. In an hour! Good luck 🙂
For Saturday, budget 1:15 minutes for timing here. You guys will want to take forever, and I’m gonna push you through it as quickly as I can. Remember, this isn’t about your true maxes, it’s about your TOTAL in the class session. Plan accordingly Jake.