Quickly, I know Annie.

No craziness this week, you’re welcome? It seems like the world is too full sometimes man. A great man once said to me “boring is so cool,” and I think he’s right.

***NOTICE***. Remember guys the gyms are closed April 2-9 for renovations, cleaning and other ancillary whatnot. It’s a great week for you all to go on vacation! Take Spring Break and enjoy yourselves, we’ll come back with a vengeance in a gym that’s nicer than when you left.


Monday: Christine: 3 Rounds for Time of Row 500m, 21 Box Jumps 24/20, 12 Deadlifts 185/135 – we’ve done this workout quite a bit it seems like, we should have really good data here, be ready to smash!!

Tuesday: Thruster Max 3

Wednesday: Max Rounds in 8 Minutes of: 3 Muscle-Ups, 35 Double Unders

Thursday: 5 Rounds for Time: 1,2,3,4,5 Squat Cleans 185/135, 10,8,6,4,2 Pistols, 200m Run, Speed Walk to the Shack and Back

Friday: For Time: 6 Rounds of: [5 V-Ups, 10 Jack Push-ups], then 1000m Row

Saturday: Max Pull-ups/Jump to L’s in 12 Minutes of: Teams of 3: Max Strict Pull-up, Max P-Let Through to L’s, 12 Power Clean and Push Press 115/75 Causes the Rotate