Hey guys! Here we go! I hope you’re registered and want to have fun with this 🙂 Scaled and Foundations workouts are really doable and fun, I plan on doing scaled versions, as shocking as it might sound my fitness is slipping a bit running two gyms simultaneously, and I don’t wanna burden myself with smashing everything in sight with zero regard for my post workout self! I’m also gonna be in Boise teaching this first weekend, booo. So here we go 🙂 Chaos as always, and loving every minute of it!

Things to remember: Thursday gymnastics day, toughest on the coach, cool and fun for you guys! Come play and have fun moving. Friday is the cool workout that everyone all over the whole world is doing! Saturday is TBA based on Friday’s mayhem, it get released Thursday at Noon, so we have time to plan each week, very cool.

Register Here: https://auth.crossfit.com/?client_id=games_D9Mh3d&extra=%2Fregister%2Fopen&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fgames.crossfit.com%2FcentralAuth&response_type=code

Friday night will be a special atmosphere, if you wanna come have fun with the crew, come at 4:15pm, plan to stay for a few hours, as there will be different heats of the workout, the Edmonds Crew is gonna come up and smash with us (booyah!) and judge each other (through the workout, not like personally or anything) and it’s fine to be there if you’re doing scaled or foundations versions of the workout, all that good stuff. 100% Team, 100% Love!!


Monday: Tommy V For Time: 21 thrusters 115/80, 12 rope climbs 15′, 15 thrusters 115/80, 9 rope climbs 15′, 9 thrusters 115/80, 6 rope climbs 15′

Tuesday: Isabel

Wednesday: Back Squat x3’s

Thursday: Gymnastics Day

Friday: Open Week 1

Saturday: TBD