Hey guys, I’m sorry that last week was so nasty with the weather and closures and all that crappiness. I hope you all made it through unscathed, power intact and no car damage or bruised parts from falling and slipping!

I want to take this open forum to express my gratitude for this last year. So much happened. We completely welcomed John into the mix with open arms, we lost lots of OG members, and we welcomed in plenty of great new peeps who will be the old guard before too long. Quite a change. Summer events, all of it. And through all the good stuff, all the so-so stuff and all the icky stuff, you all granted me loads of grace, the stability I need to make strong moves in the right directions, and afforded me the equanimity to stay positive, focused and ultimately useful this year. It’s been tough guys. Thanks

This week we’re closed for much needed rest and relaxation. I try to do a good job of not showing it, but it takes all of my energy to show up clear headed each week for all the myriad tasks it takes to run these gyms. No sob story, it’s a pretty sweet gig, but as far as paid time off, or sick days, gyms don’t do those things. So instead we take time at times when it makes the most sense. Like this week. Many are on vacation, weather is terrible, families are in town, etc. etc. Take this week, enjoy yourselves, have that extra cup of coffee. Reflect on the last years training and coaching. How could you get more out of us as a staff and a gym? How could you bring more energy and awareness to the workouts so you can get better faster? What things do you need to change about your kitchen to make it easier to make better choices there? Are there habits that need breaking/adjusting? Look over your training journal and make some goals for movements, times, rounds, and weights. Why not? Next year we’re going to have somewhere near 300 opportunities to train (exact number to be laid out in the new year), which is plenty of workouts to be fit as hell. In what ways can you change to make it more effective? To live a lifestyle more conducive to health, fitness, and showing up how you want to day in day out, year in year out.

All the very best crew, see you in 2023!