Hey guys! Let’s get planning this years trip to Kaua’i to get muddy and have a blast!

Here’s the 10,000ft run down: the CrossFit program to help the kids of the island of Kaua’i is funded entirely by this event. It’s an awesome event, and the impact their having on the kids is massive. I did it last year, had a great time (test subject number 1) and want to go back.

I think it would be really fun to rent a huge house on the island somewhere with 3-4 teams of 4 (the run has a team registration option), my team will be Carrie, the dudes and myself for example, and hang out for 3 days or so before parting ways and going either on another adventure, or heading back to the real world.

Date: September 14th, 2019. I know it’s coming up, hence the post!

What I need: please please please remember that I’m not Mr. Super Party Planner Guy! I want to have fun. Go becuase you want to have fun! The thing I will be organizing is getting the VRBO/AirBNB set up and I’ll be the point of contact for who is confirmed going (has registered for the run, and has put money in for the house rental), so that the house doesn’t get overrun or we don’t get too many people etc.

Outside of that, e.g. a Luau, a snorkeling trip, or a vista hike, that you think everyone should do is outside of my scope and is your thang. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be upset if/when some peeps don’t wanna do that thing. Remember it’s vacation, it’s fund raising to change the world, and you came to have fun!


Check it out here, I’m stoked, enjoy!