Here’s the newest action team!

We’re gonna run the 12 workouts that no one wants to do ever alone, in class, or for any reason. Here’s the trick; once we know that, you have to do them. These will be arranged outside of class times, or sometimes in place of normal classes. They might be weekend events, or something to be done solo within a given time frame and reported. Those who get it done within the year, earn membership into the Dirty Dozen Crew. Probably sounds cooler than it really is, but I think it’s pretty cool, so let’s go for it!

“The Dirty Dozen Club”

400m Walking Lunges
150 Thrusters 45/33
Row 5k
Row 10k
Run 5k
Run 10k
7 Minute Max Burpees to a 6” touch
Row for Revielle (yeah we’re gonna run this again this summer/fall at LCF)
C2 Bike 42,165m (Marathon)

Some certainly are better than others, but all are weighted equally in the quest for the 12. Stay tuned, and get excited!