Team!  Here’s a bit of an update 🙂

New Things: SkiErgs from Concept2.  I’m pretty stoked to have these little ditties, they’re cool and will help produce fitness and scale people further on running and stuff like that.  Also, they’re the most noticeable piece of new gear that we’ve gotten to help train adaptive athletes.  “Adaptive” is the term used for athletes, who for example are in wheelchairs, or are missing a limb etc.  I’m probably messing that up somehow, but hey, I’m trying and we’re getting the kit together to better help these men and women who need it.   Every third Sunday Caryn, and Ali are going to be hosting an event here to help show them what all they can do to be fit, I’m 100% in for supporting their effort!

New Group Focus: Two things here!

#1: “The LCF Breakfast Club”. The idea here is to get your breakfast under control and standardize it so you don’t have to think about it anymore.  Think about your nutrition, what works best for you, where the numbers need to be, and then dial it in and make it happen everyday, even Saturday and Sunday.  It’s 20% more or less of your food intake, might as well make it as easy, thoughtless, and routine as possible so that the other 80% can be something you begin to think about more and more.  I’m in the LCF Breakfast Club with 4 eggs, 1 cup mushrooms, an apple, and 12 almonds.

#2: “The Daily Extra”.  Here’s the thinking, if you workout in the AM, you rock, and are kicking ass all day, and then turn into a turd at night.  I know I get it.  If you workout in the PM, you languish out of bed, and suffer through the day until you get to train at night and it’s awesome.  We’re going to add a movement, something easy and gear free (for the most part) that the AM crew does at home after work, and that the PM crew does upon rising in the morning, like 30 Wall Squats.  11am, still counts as morning Dan.  The Daily Extra will be found along with the regular WODs on the blog page.  If you want to get goofy with it and post to FB or IG about it, please do, tag me (@LumberCrossFit) and it’ll be rad. The reason we’re doing it is that I actually think it will help fitness and nightly food intake for AM crew and daily energy for the PM crew.

Event Stuff Coming Up: There’s quite a lot actually

2018 Fitness Challenge, info is up in the gym, deadline is Jan 7th

Buy the Farm Trail Run, Jan 27th, register and go!  It’s gonna be a gym wide deal, I’m running the 5k 🙂

I’m trying to get a date set for a DEXA scan truck to come to the gym, $45 each test, typically $300 at the doc, and then you get BodyFat %, Lean Body Mass and Bone Density data.  Good to have for baselines and all that.   If you’re interested let me know, it’ll be rad.

Lastly, February 10th we’re hosting our winter powerlifting meet $65 to register, for the Squat, Bench and Deadlift, I do need volunteers to help loading weight and moving gear and stuff, please get at me if you’re up for that!