Hey guys! Gym’s gonna be closed closed on Wednesday. We’ll do our tribute workout on Thursday (369th Hellfighters WOD) and then celebrate the beginning of summer on Friday with the SWOLESTICE!! HAhahah 🙂

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day (at least minorly comparable to Mother’s Day) and that if your Dad is gone now you don’t miss him too badly.

Heads up about the 4th of July: We’re gonna do a WOD + BBQ like we did for Murph, and the close the rest of the week like we do for Thanksgiving. I hope you can get out with your families and go somewhere fun, take a long weekend and enjoy it. School’s out, you’ve got the PTO, so dust off that bike, or paddle board, or pop-up camper and hit the nature! If that’s not your style, go book a room at Tulalip and smash the slot machines until the cows come home.

Lastly! I forget to bring this up all the time: if you want to pay for CrossFit with your HSA/FSA account instead of your income that’s already been taxed, only to pay more sales tax, so that I can pay B&O tax on your now thrice taxed dollar, check out TrueMed. I’ve got flyers on the front desk at Lynnwood, and I can send you the link in a minute. The gym doesn’t get a kick back or anything, it’s just a way to save you guys some money, stick it to the man, and make becoming and being fit a little bit easier.

Monday: Power Clean Max 3

Tuesday: “Fight Gone Bad”: Max Reps in 3 Rounds. 1 Minute of Wall Ball Shots 20-10/14-9, 1 Minute of Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75/55, 1 Minute of Box Jumps 24/20, 1 Minute of Push Presses 75/55, 1 Minute of Rowing for Calories, 1 Minute of Rest

Wednesday: CLOSED for Juneteenth

Thursday: 369th HellFighters: 1500 Seconds (one for each casualty), 191 Days in the trenches, longer than any other American unit, 3/6/9 for the 369th Infantry. Enjoy this one!! Max Rounds in 1500 Seconds (25 minutes) starting with 191 Double Unders then: 3 Power Snatches 135/95, 6 Toes to Bar, 9 Box Jumps/Step-ups 24/20

Friday: I know the solstice is actually on Thursday, but it’s better if it’s a Friday 🙂 “SWOLESTICE”: Strict Pull-ups 5×5, Barbell Biceps Curls 3×10, DB Hammer Curls 3×15, Barbell French Press 3×10, Banded Triceps Extensions 3xRM

Saturday: Teams of 2 for Max Handstand Stuff in 12 Minutes: 5 Deadlifts 315/225 (causes the rotation) and Max Handstand Stuff Option A: Handstand Pirouettes, Option B: 15ft Handstand Walking, Option C: Handstand Push-ups (and other assorted pressing scaling options)