Hey guys! So here comes another round of big changes to the gym, yippee. I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m getting tired personally of changing things over completely seemingly every 4-8 weeks.  Below I’ve quoted what Jay has put out for us on his website as far as the criteria for moving between phases in our state.  Phase 1 was what we had going last week, and phase 2 for us, is what we’ll have starting Monday, read below.

From Jay:

Under the new plan, regions will only be required to meet three of the four public health metrics to progress to Phase 2. The original roadmap required regions to meet all four.

The four metrics remain the same. They are:

  1. Trend in case rate: Trend in 14-day rate of new COVID-19 cases per 100K population;
  2. Trend in hospital admissions rate: Trend in 14-day rate of new COVID-19 hospital admissions per 100K population;
  3. Percent ICU occupancy: Average 7-day percent occupancy of ICU staffed beds; and
  4. Percent positivity: 7-day percent positive of COVID-19 tests.

The metrics provide an overview of current COVID-19 trends and health care system readiness in each region, ensuring that health care systems will efficiently and equitably respond to potential future outbreaks.


The interesting part: the phase two guidelines are totally lacking in direction.  Hilariously under directed for how tightly controlled phase 1 is.  From what I can tell (I’ve looked, please feel free to forward me things you find) there aren’t any provisions for length of classes, masks, distancing, temperature checks, child care, showers, congregating in common areas, cleaning requirements, you name it. So please read below, or you won’t know what we’re doing and then we’ll have to school you up, don’t be that guy.

That’s not what we’ll be doing.  We try to have a good time in the gym and I’m fully aware that my and our staff’s demeanor often lacks what many would call “professionalism” but I do take what we do seriously and consider us a professional training staff. We’ve saved (literally, strokes, emergency appendicitis, diabetes etc.) several of y’alls lives over the years, and I feel that our role is not only to help you become healthy, but to keep you healthy for the long run, chronic disease is a terrible way to go.  What that means in the short term is that none of us get this sickness from our time in the gym.

Here’s our direction for phase 2, as per usual above and beyond what the man tells us, many thanks to your super-fast responses from those who got the survey:

Length of Classes: We’re going with full hour classes, yay!  Say hello to more lengthy warm-ups, and actual stretching sessions, I’m only 39 and I feel the difference!  There will not be a “passing period” between the classes.  Do me two favors: 1) don’t be super early, you know what time it is, your phone has it same as ours, the last class with all it’s people is still finishing, and with our zones, there actually isn’t anywhere for you to be and the coach can’t take your temp etc. anyway because they’re still with the last group, certainly get in and do your bathroom thang, but yeah, and 2) do vacate as close to your classes end time as possible, we love you guys and want to kick it and talk about everything (GME stocks for sure) but with the next class coming in, there isn’t a place for you to be, and the coaches have lots to do, temp checks, getting you in the computer, getting people to zones, it’s MUCH more than regular so help us out, do all that outside in the parking lot 🙂

Masks: Please wear one when you come in.  Without the passing period you guys will be crossing paths more closely, the bathrooms will be more busy and it’s just smart still.  Don’t make us have to enforce this please, we’re all adults.

Distancing: We’re going to make 10 zones downstairs.  Training on the mezzanines isn’t bad, thanks for being amazing those that have had to endure that, but it’s far from optimal and we have enough room to make 10 zones, they’ll be taped out, we’ll have to be comfortable to share weights between zones here and there (which I think is safe, transmission through touch isn’t a thing, read here) to make sure everyone has enough weight, Chad.  But spacing will be good.  The only class at this point that will be using all 10 zones is the 6:00am class.  I’m super sorry if you wanted to see that class remain below 7 people (70% of respondents liked 8 or more people in class, I figured a max of 10 was a good compromise, and not outside the scope of safety in the gym) but I really do feel out layout will be adequate, and using the super zones to have couples train together is also smart and a space saver for sure.

Temperature Checks: are still a thing, no one in the gym has been sick yet, and no one has also tested hot, but that also proves its effectiveness.

Child Care: No child care at the present time.  I think we might bring back a “Mom’s Class” where we offer child care and only those who’s kids are watched can be in the gym training at that time, but I’m not hearing any grumblings about the need right now either, so there’s no rush here.

Showers: We’re going to allow one person to shower at a time after each class.  Please know that I fully understand the troubles that this brings: what if two people want to shower?!  How do we decide who gets to shower first?!  Check it out, leave the coaches out of it.  No we’re not going to make a sign-up sheet in the bathroom and have you guys vie for position by getting in here early or having your friend from the earlier class write your name up for you, or dibs your spot the night before.  We’re gonna practice a thing called “be nice and talk with the other person(s).”  If/when it comes up that you want to shower and someone else does too, talk with them real quick and see who has to be somewhere first, let them go.  Ye who goes first then gets to be a friend and be quick about it so they’re buddy can shower and get to where they need to go too.  Furthermore, if you’ve got a good system going already to shower at home and then scoot to work, keep doing that, it’s a better shower anyway right?  Thanks guys!

Congregating in common areas: please hang out OUTSIDE the gym, the front office isn’t heated anyway and Mel might have a massage going, which is probably awful to the poor person on the table to hear you gabbing 🙂

Cleaning of Equipment: we’re gonna keep doing that, you touch it you clean it, the paper towel companies have never been happier.

Fan and airflow: when the gym is rocking, we’ll be running the fan to keep the CO2 levels low.  The CO2 is a marker of how much expiration is in the gym, when that is lower, particles and whatnot are lower, that’s good.  I’m fully aware that it’s loud as hell, (the drone over 4-12 hours really does wear on a person) and really difficult to talk over, triply so when wearing a mask.  So listen up!  Don’t make your coaches lose their voices by having to yell over your conversation too 🙂 There’s plenty of time to talk, just pay attention to your coach and you’ll now when to zip it so you can know what’s happening next.

This again is our direction for Phase 2.  In the event that we slide back to Phase 1, we’ll be back to mezzanine training, 8 zones, and all that that entails.  Thanks for giving me and our crew so much grace during this time, we’re fairly adaptable as a group, but this is straining for sure.  Here’s to phase 2!  For however long it lasts 🙂

Thanks for reading, you’re the best!

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