No zoom today!


Here’s the workout:

Max Rounds in 15 Minutes of

20 KB/DB Swings

40 Push-up Shoulder Taps

80 Flutter Kicks


Push-up shoulder Tap: Hold the top of the push up, bring your right arm up to tap your left shoulder (cross it over really), then put it back down, then bring the left arm over to tap the right shoulder, that’s 2 reps 🙂

Flutter kicks: Lay on your back and with your feet about a foot off the ground, scissor your legs up and down quickly.  Each time your legs cross each other is a rep.  Try to keep your lower back against the floor using your stomach muscles!



I think warming up with some Squat Therapy reps intermingled with pass-throughs and some 90-90’s is just darn smart.  Stretch the hamstrings to make way for life, and you should be good to go!



Rowing Intervals!

Try “Jerry”

For time:

Run 1 Mile

Row 2k

Run 1 Mile