Zoom Times: 6:00am, 4:00 (kids), 5:30pm

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The Workout:

5 Rounds for Time of:

30 Kneeling Goodmornings (make sure you have something stable to anchor your feet, it’s so much better than without)

30 Weighted Bridges (make sure you have something heavy, a tool box even, a band, a something!

30 DB/KB/Thing Snatches, alternating.






Today would be a good day to warm-up the shoulders along with opening up the hips so they can extend fully.

Start with IYT’s 30 reps, and then some Qi Gong and Couch Stretch stretches for the hips.

Do a few rounds of the IYT’s in the midst of the Qi Gonging, and then practice the Snatch with your implement. Here’s a progression to run through:

Deadlift (Arm Straight)

Deadlift + Jump (Arm stays straight)

Full DB Snatch (arm bands after the jump before you land!)