The gym is closed from Monday the 16th through March 31st, whatever day of the week that is!?

Hey guys!  It’s finally happened, ole’ Jay (the Governor) has shut us down.  I’m excited that it takes a pandemic to get us to close up shop!

My main focus for the last 12 years has been simply to “get into the gym” as many folks as possible, and once you’re in I can make it OK and you’ll be healthy.  During this time my model has simply been turned on it’s head.  Just as clearly as we all know someone who has heart disease, type 2, dementia/alzheimers, asthma, COPD , you name it, we’re all potential carriers to those loved ones and innocents.  We should honor this call, yet still find ways to be healthier ourselves, find community and not go stir crazy!

I have a hunch that this might stay in effect for longer than the 16 days that they’ve put forth as the time period.  Here’s what we’re gonna do.  Remember the Godfather, when they “go to the mattresses”??  Similar to that yeah.


Here’s my plan:

If everyone just goes on hold, we’ll close (like forever) in relatively short order.  SO in order to legitimately earn your dues, I want to make 100% certain that we’re getting each and everyone of you guys fitter in tangible ways over this time period.  Here’s how it’s gonna work, I need some input from you and you’ll get a lot of input from me 🙂

I need your correct contact info, best email, best phone number.  Email me  I’ll be calling tomorrow or Tuesday and I want to talk with you.  Since I know you won’t be eating out, let’s dial in the nutrition!  Since I know you’ll not be working so much or at least from home, let’s dial in the reps and the accessories and the stretching and all the things that will get you to be much better!  It’s gonna be a rad time if you’re up to hang with the community we’ve built, be together in what we’re all doing, and enjoy this process, check this out:


  1. We’re gonna loan out all the gear.  I have to be the one who picks who gets what, it is based on what each person needs to work on, how much work they need and the space they have to work in.
  2. We’re gonna put together home workouts based on what you guys get.  You’ll be grouped up into your classes and your crews, and then we’ll have a chance to stay together while we do the workouts.  If we can “meet” on a group call or google hangout before we smash house, that’d be amazing! A quick convo about the workout, any scaling, the intention, and then 3,2,1 GO, when finished report in and log it on the teams page, it’ll be great.
  3. Facebook Live Sessions: Carrie and I will certainly be doing the workouts, join with us and do then at the same time!  At least it’s better than just being by yourself even more!
  4. YouTube: Some of the home exercises will need proper explanation, we’ll be posting to YouTube during this time to help with those exercises.  Some of your specific PT/Drill type exercises will need video break downs too, look forward to those shenanigans!
  5. Weekly Phone Call Check-Ins.  I want to talk with everyone often so you’re staying on track, eating well, doing your accessories/intervals you name it.  My hope for this time is that we’ll be able to get some new people involved and some old people back from the shadows.  Public Call Out: Mary Z, you’re back in the fold.  Chad, we’re gonna get your wife involved 🙂

My goal for us in this time is to have some significant physical changes so when we come back to the gym finally together again, after not seeing each other for weeks, we can go “Dayum! When did you get so [fill in the blank], instead of “yeah I ate like shit and gained 10 pounds,”  Let’s do diet stuff, let’s do major reps, let’s get our sleep on point, our stress down, real family time, recover ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually (if you’re into that sort of thing) so when we’re freed from quarantine we’re better for it!!

I hope you guys recognize that I’m going to be hustling hard(er) to keep the gym literally in business during this time of uncertainty.  We don’t have thousands in reserve to deal with a catastrophe like this.  If you truly appreciate what we’ve done for you and what the gym means as a source of community, friendship and fitness, as I do, you’ll have no problems keeping up with your dues payments during this time.  My sincerest and humblest thank you’s.

Mad Love, and Look forward to what’s coming down the pipe!!!