Team!  This and the next 5 weeks programming will look a little different, we have no idea, except that it will be HARD, what Friday’s workout will be.  So, the rest of the week gets s little hijacked because of that.  ON THE BRIGHT SIDE; Thursdays are going to be awesome, good chunks of time to gain skills you need, don’t miss then on purpose, if you’re disappointed i’ll make it right 🙂


Monday:Back Squat for Max 5


Tuesday: “Ricky”

LCF as Rx’d

15-min AMRAP:

10 Pull-ups

8 DB/KB Deadlifts (70/55)

5 DB/KB Push Presses (70/53)



Sotts Press for Max 5,




15 minutes of: balance beam, l-sits, handstands, and pistols.


Friday: Open WOD


Saturday: TBA, depending in Friday, we’ll fill in holes here to round out the week 🙂