Monday Thompson 10 rounds for time of: (yeah right!!) 15 ft Rope Climbs, Back squat, Farmer carry,  **(TDE: 50 Glute Bridges, 1 minute plank)**

Tuesday: Row, pull-ups, lunges, easy day  *(TDE: 30 wall squats)**

Wednesday: Chain bench press for 3 reps max 1  *(TDE: accumulate 2 minutes in a reverse table pose)**

Thursday: rounds of: 30 sec l-sit, 30 sec pvc ohsq bottom hold, 30 sec l-hang, 30 sec handstand hold, nasty nasty fun times!!  *(TDE: 30 burpees)**

Friday: Kettlebell swings, Box jump, Run 400 meters, Burpees, Wall ball shots,  *(TDE: accumulate 3 minutes in a plank)**

Saturday: Nate AMRAP 20 of 2 muscle ups, 4 hspus, 8 kb swing 70/53  *(TDE: 30 push ups)**


Week 5

Monday: Speed Strength Snatch

Muscle Snatch from 8″ Blocks” 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%

Straight Bar on Back, Box Squat 10×2 60% + 25% Bands

Safety Squat Bar Goodmorning 10×2 80%

40 Seated jumps for Height – sideways 1 legged

Hollow Arch 200x

Hanging Knee Raises 4×25, use ankle weights or a ball


Tuesday:Sleds Work Session

Sleds Work
3 trips Forwards Hands below knees
3 Trips Backwards hands tight by shoulders
2 trips Sideways attached at the waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs in the Front Rack and dragging sled by waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs overhead and dragging sled by waist
1 trip Zombie Walking hugging a sandbag
3 trips One Handed Farmers Walk

GHD Sit-ups 5×20

Quick reminder guys, I know sledding outside sucks, but it’s good stuff. Also, use the worst plates you can find, the Gold’s Gym ones, the BFCO black ones, and then there’s a 35 floating around too. Thanks

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Max Effort Lower Body

Lightened Cambered Bar GM for Max

Concentric Overhead Squat for Max

OHSQ Sticking Point 5 sets of 3 exertions

Sledge Hammer Sideways 5×30 strikes/side

Single Leg Back Extensions in GHD 50/leg


Friday: Lower Body Accessories

Banded Romanian Deadlift 5×8

Split Squats on Belt Squat, Bar in Front Rack, Bands on the belt Squat, 5×8 /side

Reverse Hypers Single Legged with Bands 140lbs and 2×1” 3 sets

Zombie Sled Walks 2 trips Holding Sandbag in front

Weighted Planks accumulate 5 minutes


Saturday: Max Effort Upper Body

Illegal Wide 3 Board w/ 1″ Bands -SB”

Max Reps 165 in 3 Minutes

DB Rows 5×8

Medium Mag Grip 5×5


Sunday: Rest