Here we go guys!!


Monday: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls And Bar Muscle-ups, jumping ones sound fun too!!  ***TDE: 30 wall squats***

Tuesday! Back Squats 5×5  ***TDE: 30 Burpees***

Wednesday Press for heavy, Ski Erg, and abs…  ***TDE: 50 glute brides***

Thursday: Run and Back Extensions with Rest!  ***TDE: 30 push-ups***

Friday: Hang Squat Cleans and Handstand Push-ups, tough little couplet!  ***TDE: 30 wall Squats

Saturday Team Workout! Teams of 2, alternate Rounds, DB Thrusters DB Lunges (one DB in each hand, just like the Thruster), Mountain Climbers, and the buddy does their round, then reps go down and keep trading until you’re done!  ***TDE: 2 Minutes each side, side plank***

Sunday: ***TDE: 30 burpees***


Conjugate Weightlifting Program:

Monday: Lower Body Accessories

Squat Mornings Safety Squat Bar 5×5

Lateral Step-Up, go weak side for max slow strict reps, then match the strong side, 3 times

Reverse Hypers Angle with Bands 180lbs 2 1” Bands 3 sets

Walking Bar GM’s 2 trips w/ safety squat bar

Ab Wheel Roll-outs 5x Max Reps

Tuesday: Max Effort Upper Body

Close Grip 1 Board w/ 4 Chains/side -SB

Close Grip 5 Board 3×12

DB Rows 5×8

Close Mag Grip Pulldowns 5×5

Wednesday: Upper Body Accessories

Bottoms Up Press max reps off hand (no more than 8 reps) match it with strong side, 5 times

Turn Around in Dip bar in front rack, 5 sets of 3 exertions

Hammer Grip Bar Lying Extensions with a band at angle to floor 5×15

Low Incline DB Extensions 5×8 GHD

DB’s See-Saw Row 5×20/side

“100 Pull Aparts 1″” Band”

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Speed Strength Clean and Jerk

Mid Thigh Hang Clean and Jerk 4×2 45%, 4×2 50%, 4×2 55% all + 25% Bands Clean against bands, follow with:

20×1 Concentric Jerks at 70% of best jerk

Panda Pulls 10×2 70% SN

Vest GHD Facedown Holds accumulate 10 minutes hold something

Weighted Pass Throughs 50x

Saturday: Absolute Strength Snatch

Below Knee Hang Power Snatch w/pause

Snatch Balance 6×1 90%

Jerk Landing Position, split and bar overhead 5 sets of 3 exertions, isometrics

Standing Banded Twists 3×30/side

Back Extensions 100x