posted a day early for your breathing fatigue

Workout for Tuesday August 30th:

Overhead Squat for 1 Rep Max

***Please remember: I reserve the right to mess you up :)***

Gilligan Results!!!

Rachel E. (Fresh back from Italy) 53,275m
Dustin S. (Abandoned by his friend) 57,682m
Maria H. (with Gramma and child in tow) 57,698m
Jen L. (with a murdered out bike even!) 48,041m
Willis R. (only to be passed by the woman who ran a 5k earlier that day) 51,119m
Katie E. (the woman who ran the 5k earlier that day) 47,662m
Goffe T. (captain of the Nebuchadnezzar) 51,494m
Kevin J. (Head of the Preparedness Committee) Rd 1. 11010m
** Joined me “on the yard” bangin’ out curls, tri’s and benches **
Kari J. (who needs no introduction) 40,414m
Carrie W. (Bondo-Girl Hero to the Gym!) Rd 1. 8,113m
** Then kept on lifting weights, and doing abs! **
Jimmy R. (who hopefully has a new baby!!!) Rd 2. 38,882m
Tony M. (who was merely avoiding his roommate) 46,751m
Rob S. (the man with the most self-respect in the group) Rd. 1 9,323m
** Then kept on kicking random amounts of A for the next two hours. **
Denise S. (the little engine that could!) 35,358m
Art C. (always late but worth the wait) 55,507m

Honorable Mention:
Sara Hart and Katelyn Campen for coming and hanging out keeping morale high and for taking pictures!!

Notice: These results are not what you would call “exact”, no one can count rounds perfectly, or remember what happened that day well. Know that work was done, you’re data is preserved, and bravo, it was amazing!!