Barbells. They’re pretty awesome.

I’m currently unsatisfied with how well we lift weights. Some of your peers have expressed interest in practicing the barbell more. Much like the muscle-up or the double-under, the barbell requires dedicated practice to improve.

So, rest day BEGONE!
Tuesdays: Squat Variations!
Thursday: Pressing Variatings!
Saturday: Deadlifting Varatios!

Get ready for infinite variety 🙂 Rep schemes, linear periodization, the conjugate method, position, position, position, bar path, core to extremity, TIGHT, sitting back, squeezing the bar, leaning back, arching like crazy, grunting, sweating, chalking your universe, belts, wrist wraps, knee wraps, olympic lifting shoes, PNF stretching and the enigma of the foam roller!

Olympic Clinic June 5th, let me know if you wanna join us! The list is on the right side of the page, if you’re not there, I don’t know you’re coming!!