Sunday, sunday, SUNDAY!

We’re gonna eat big y’all! Official kick-off time is 8:00PM, Rodney has done it again (for those who know from the Highlander Challenge) he’s set us up in a special room with a Pool Table, Wii, and 50% off the menu price!!!

1253 Thomas Street, Seattle, Washington
Across from REI
206 621 1090


There is free parking close by in a lot on Minor and Thomas – it’s one block, we’re CrossFitters after all 😉

See you there!!

Abi + Ryan (big surprise), Mel, Jesse+Carrie+Gage (returning from Portland Level 1 Cert), Charles and Whit, Art+Jenn+Hunter+Kingston, Lisa+James, Jef (one “F”), Josie, CC, Ponch + 2, CJ, John “Darkness” Harkness, Lee (drugged and tied up), Shane McD. Reply to comments!! Or just show up ready to eat!!

Clan Cheiftan Out