Yes sir, Beef, it is what is for dinner. Furthermore, bought at a good price is twice as nice. Here’s the deal.


“the quickest way to fatten cattle is to feed them large amounts of low fat grains” -Dr. Barry Sears in Enter the Zone
Sadly this is the same for humans, eating large amounts of grains and starches will put pounds of utterly useless fat all over that wonderful body of yours. WORSE; the fat stored this way is mostly the omega 6 fatty acids (the ones that make the bad hormones, and clog your arteries) which isn’t good. Cow’s do the same thing, when fed a western diet, they too store lots of omega 6 acids, approximately 8 times to many…

Enter Grass Fed Beef. Imagine this: Cows, Bovinus Bos Taurus (Beef Cow), eating what it’s supposed to be eating, Grass, Alfalfa, regular grassland type fare (I know what a concept); not getting needled with hormones (steroids, massive antibiotics etc.) constantly and basically living the good life. Storing fats the way it was supposed to (which has a fatty acid profile as good as King Salmon, yet it’s beef, steaks and burgers, no fishy bones to deal with and no pesky mercury toxicity problems) which (not) surprisingly makes the fat REALLY healthy from the cow, as opposed to artery clogging madness.


“Yeah but it’s super expensive at PCC or Whole Foods” Uh huh, that’s why you go to the source baby.
Enter Happy Hollow Farm: Read below from their website.

Happy Hollow Farm is a second generation farm located on the foothills overlooking the Stillaguamish Valley, one hour’s drive north of Seattle. Our beef is born and raised in a non-stress environment on our 80 acres of grassland. The calves spend their first year of life at their mothers’ sides. Our animals are fed no hormones, grain or antibiotics. Supplemental winter feed is grass hay harvested from our farm or the Silvana community. They are placed on lush grass at the end of the winter, rotated among our pastures throughout the summer, and are ready to butcher in the fall.

We sell quarters, halves or whole packages, and also have lean ground beef available in one pound packages. The meat will be cut to your specifications by Silvana Meats in Silvana, WA.

Call for current prices and to reserve your order.

We are committed to sustainable farm practices, environmental responsibility, caring animal welfare, and maintaining foods grown on our farm, including fruits, vegetables, chickens, apple cider, etc. We sell grass hay harvested from our farm and also offer wagon and carriage rides with our team of Belgian horses for weddings, parties, and events.

Happy Hollow Farm, Mark Winterhalter and Cathy Nelson, 21729 50th Avenue NW, Stanwood WA. (360) 652-9132.

Their price for this wonderful product is a mere $2.88 per pound. Ridiculous!! You have to buy a quarter (215 pounds), anyone want to split it?