So much is happening!!! I love it.  I”m putting together a widget too – yay internet!  I mean Yay Burpees!!!


Thursday the 30th:  KB Guru Tom Corrigan is coming to teach us to Snatch the Kettlebell at the 5:30 and 6:30pm classes – come learn!!

  • Free YEAH!
  • Excellent instruction, Tom well reknowned.
  • We’ll still be doing make-up WOD’s for those that missed as per usual.

Thursday the 30th:  The Purpose Driven Life Group with Deidra

  • Focused curriculum.
  • Meetings once a week.
  • 7:30-9:00PM.

Friday the 31st: Free Fun Friendly Friday Fundraising Fall Freakin’ Workout

  • Very thematic workout those who decide the brave Halloween to come workout.
  • We’ll be running it all day please bring friends and family for a free workout.
  • Donate money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hosital!
  • Try to workout in a costume!!
  • Classes are 6,7,9,11 AM and 5:30, 6:30 PM
  • Gym to close at 7:30, because really.

Post to comments with a guess at whose hand that is.

Saturday the 1st:  Inaugural  Meeting of Lynnwood CrossFit’s Myrmidons

  • Super funny name, certain to get butchered by nearly everyone, forever.
  • 1:30ish at my house.
  • There will be some eats.
  • I expect it to run at least an hour.
  • Curly white wigs not required.
  • There are some fairly serious decisions to be made so please come if you’re interested in doing 5k’s, half marathons, strength athletics or any other kind of competitions.

Saturday the 1st: Speed, Agility and Quickness Training with Deidra

  • For kids and teens looking to improve their sports performance.
  • Scientific approach to developing these skills.
  • Eliminate wasted motions that cause fatigue.

Saturday the 8th:  Kettlebell Introductory Class and Intermediate Class with Tom Corrigan

  • The Guru in the house.
  • 11-2 ($75) for the Beginner Class – focusing on the swing, clean, press and snatch.  Truly the foundation.
  • 3-5 ($50) for the Intermediate Class – focusing on competitive movements, 2KB Clean, Jerk, and the finer points of the Snatch to perfect it.
  • I’ve taken Tom’s class twice and really benefited from his coaching.  The only reason I know the bell is from Tom – seriously consider coming.  It will advance your training.

Testimonial about Tom and Misha:

 began KBs in Febuary of 2007, learned some excellent stuff from Cotter’s KB Encyclopedia. Realized learning on dvd is not like live teaching and did the AKC cert in June of 2007. That was an eye-opener, seeing lifting like I had never seen from Valery, the guy who also lives in Ohio and currently concentrates on strongman lifting, and some huge guy who did a lot of reps in the 1 arm long cycle. Learned some good training concepts and returned to the northwest.
I’ve progressed, had some none KB injuries related to a Javanese art, and have become closer to 52. The drag is that all the certs in the world don’t take the place of a training partner who can help evaluate your technique. Especially if you don’t have a video camera to starkly reveal technique.
So it was cool to see someone on this forum mentioning Tom Corrigan teaching up in the Emerald City. It was cool to hear him humbly say, "Every coach needs a coach and this is Misha, my coach." Tom and Misha know how to teach. They can logically break the lifts down so you can see and do the movements in pieces and then put those pieces into the lift.
But it’s not just breaking the lifts down. They used props like plastic poles to show this is how the bells are in relation to the heels. Basic pedagogic stuff. Check out the way the spine is maintaining the same position all through the jerk.Taking a light bell, Misha would snatch and Tom would help slow down the descent of the bell so you could see how the bell moves around the forearm properly. On simple things like the swing they would show how the hand turns into a claw. Sometimes it was doing the motions without a bell, to get the rhythm of the movement.
In the past I had not learned or did not hear well enough to remember about having the elbow lead up in the swing. What about the angle of the arm? No clue. The power position on the snatch? Well sure. This is how Valery does this. This is how Denisov (sp?) does the lift. The upper arm close to your chest, touching for a moment lifting up from the power position. Nope. The subtle motions from one leg to the other on the snatch? Seen it on youtube but was unsure what was going on.
I mean I spent five to six hours with those two guys and heard so much, did so much, I’m sure I can’t to it all. You can only hear, learn, do so much, and there was so much. So you go home and do , realizing you’re unsure about something….you need that coach.
I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure that Cincinatti (sp ?), San Diego, and the very few other places in the US where real doers and teachers of KBs live, those will be the areas that are the centers of good girivoy players.
Because of Misha and Tom, Seattle and the Northwest will also be a region of accomplished KB practitioners. Go to their seminars, I’m telling you the time is well spent.

Steve Hardenbergh, Portland OR