We’re closing in on “that time of year”!! Yikes! Here’s what not to do: completely abandon all dietary considerations, shirk training at the gym, kill yourself by not sleeping for weeks on end preparing.

Instead: when it’s time to enjoy seasonal food (parties, a work suarez, tacky sweater get together etc.) eat the food, when it’s Tuesday night and you’d prefer to have some marzipan stollen DON’T instead have squash and steak. Deal? When thinking about shopping and getting “everything” ready include one of the classes in your calculation, make a small sacrifice here, you wanna shop til you drop on a certain day, make the 7:00AM class a priority and shower at the gym and head off to the mall and get it done. Deal?

Holiday Schedule:
12/23 Normal
12/24 AM Class with D (8am-10am) Closed the rest of the day.
12/25 Closed
12/26 Closed
12/27 Filthy 50’s each hour 8,9,10 and 11. This should help get us back on track 🙂 Make sure to sign up for the Blue Moon Row Challenge!
12/28 Normal
12/31 Blue Moon Row Challenge two WOD’s centered around rowing.
Gym Open’s Normal Time, Closed at 6:30pm. 5:30pm Class is ON!
1/1/10 Open at 11:00 for Class, close at regular time. Be excited for this workout 🙂
1/11/10 New On-Ramp Class Starts!