Looking ahead guys, we’ve got four cool things coming up!
1) Martin Luther King Day! Monday the 16th. We’ll do a reduced schedule, 6am and 4:00pm. Power to the People!
2) 5K Row Event! Remember last year about this time, we took the rowers over to that little park in Edmonds/Shoreline? Rowed 5k, Amy saved the day with the music box, Maher got tired, Aaron complained and won? Let’s do it again! Saturday the 21st, sign-ups will be in the gym on the whiteboard, ready to go!
3) Snowshoeing Sunday! It’s a tradition 🙂 We gotta do it! Sunday the 22nd! Sign-ups also in the gym, location TBD, still. Mary is working hard on me to find a course that is more flat, which means less fearful of coming down and falling, which is a good deal for sure. But as we all know, flat walking is more akin to doing nothing at all than something hard… Chad was on a fact finding mission Sunday, so hopefully he has good news. But I’ve got two books (one for each of ya) and between them we’ll find a spot that works for EVERYONE. Super easy 🙂
4) The BodySpec Truck is coming to Lynnwood on the 28th! It’s a Dexa Scan that tells you about your bone density, visceral fat, and your body fat percentage! Every few months it’s not a terrible idea to keep tabs on that so you know where you’re at! Here’s the sign-up link! BodySpec Truck


Monday: “Grace” 30 Clean and Jerks 135/95 For Time

Tuesday: Front Squat Max 3

Wednesday: 6 Rounds for Time of: 35 Double Unders and 7 Push Jerks 155/105

Thursday: Deadlift/Row Drag Races: 7 Deadlifts, 250m Row, rest a bit after 5 rounds, each for time.

Friday: Jackie 1, Jackie 2 – yep 🙂

Saturday: Buddy Buddy Bench Press: 3 Rounds of: 5 at 75/55, 5 at 115/75, 5 at 155/95, 5 at 195/105 and 5 at 225/125