Here we go!

EVENTS!!! Gym Bingo Starts in July! Be ready 🙂 It’s Hokey, but it’ll be super fun!

July 9th – Good hike to Heybrooke Lookout! Plans to follow, but clear the date!
“Grace For Distance” at the beach, throwing barbells, what could go wrong? July 17th!
Marathon C2 Bike Week – July 11-16, exactly what it sounds like, get it done!
Climb to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier Friday August 19th – get training!
10k Row Event at C.C.’s House! Sunday Aug 21st

These events are how we have the best time being a CrossFit community everyone, if you can make the time to come hang, please do! Kids welcome, hangouts encouraged, etc, etc, etc. Big Hugs!

Monday: Reverse Fran For time: 9-15-21 Pull-ups, Thrusters 95/65,

Tuesday: AMRAP 12 min: 12 box jumps 24/20, 6 Hang Squat Snatches 95/65, 6 bar facing burpees

Wednesday: Max Rounds in 20 Minutes of: 5 Push-ups, 10 Alternating Pistols, 15 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Thursday: 5 rounds for reps: Push Press Press .7BW, .5BW, Horizontal Ring Rows

Friday: Power Clean Max x5’s

Saturday: Smykowski For time: 6k run, 60 burpee pull-ups, wear a weight vest