It’s finally here guys!

Totally free week for people trying out the gym! Between you and me, I think it’s truly odd that gym culture has the mentality that it has to be free to try it out. What other realm of service is the first time free? Massage, no way. Restaurants, I’d like to try your steak and see if it’s good first. Ha! Grocery Stores, is there asparagus tasty? HA! Bars, is the combination of a cosmopolitan and these cheese curds work my $25? HA! Therapist or Psychologist? No Way! I don’t even think a proper drug dealer will give you the first hit free anymore, and those guys stand to make a lot more money that I do! HA 🙂

I think it’s because for the last I dunno 100 years fitness has been promoted by mainly charlatans and hucksters. The likes of Charles Atlas selling a book through the mail about flexing your muscles to get big and strong. Pay first, get fleeced. The bodybuilding psychosis of the 70’s and 80’s, where the only real way to make progress is with steriods even though everyone lied about it. Now with CrossFit we have measurable, repeatable, data on what works, and what doesn’t. It’s your workouts. It’s your results. As your ability in workouts improves there is beyond any doubt that you are fitter than before. Repeat the process, do the food, get the rest, and the results will come. Progress is not optional, diligence is! If you’re not tracking your training then you’re just doing workouts, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get fitter. Which is where most gyms miss the mark. They provide tough workouts without any thought as to progression of the athlete their training. Everything we do has an ulterior motive behind it, a harder move down the road, a heavier lift later, a more complex version etc. etc. etc. The journey is like that of a musician, it’s never “done” all that happens is that you are mastered by the craft, instead of the other way around.



You’ll notice a lot of general changes to the WOD style, this is only to help the new peeps not feel left behind and finishing last, and feeling that pressure. Encourage them to move well, not to do too many reps, and to be clear that they should “stay within their abilities” i.e. should feel good the whole time. Thanks for helping people to come back! Or to come for the first time!

Monday: Two Minutes of Filthies For reps:

Box Jumps 24″/20″, Jumping Pull-ups, KB Swings 35/26, Walking Lunges, Knees-to-Elbows, Push Press 45/35, Back Extensions, Wall Ball shots 20/14, Burpees, Double Unders

Do 2 Minutes at each station for max reps.

Tuesday: Press Max 5, also 8 minutes of 16 Push-Ups, 16 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Wednesday: Almost Daniel For reps:

3 Minutes Strict Pull-Ups, 2 Minutes Shuttle Runs, 1 Minute Thrusters 95/65, 4 Minutes Shuttle Runs, 1 Minute Thrusters 95/65, 2 Minutes Shuttle Runs, 3 Minutes Strict Pull-Ups

No time allotted for rotation. Count up and record scores during the transitions.

Thursday: Deadlifts Max 5, Accessories for Glutes and Hamstrings if time, and 3 Rounds of Planks, Bridges.

Be prepared to work the deadlift in myriad special ways to ensure both your safety and your continued progress!

Friday: 6 Rounds for Time of: 35 Double Unders and 7 Hang Squat Snatches 135/95, scaled option: 35 Single Unders and 7 DB Snatches.

Saturday: Team Workout! 90 Seconds Each Round, Row, Plank, Rest. 5 Rounds for the whole crew!