It’s like we’re back in quarantine. Here we go!

All jokes aside: BIG THANKS you guys. Your support during the COVID times was really the springboard that has propelled us into so many new and powerful things. This weeks closure is in no small part to your hard work and support during that time. We thrived, we grew, we made progress while so many others went the wrong way, sadly. So this week I’m giving back to you, in the form of a really nice place to train in, instead of that old run down, been there 100 times gym, you’re getting a renewed and reinvigorated 2022 version of your gym that you love, ready for records, sweat, laughter, some tears for sure, callous rips, summer BBQ’s, fucking Murph, and all that comes in between. BIG THANKS to you guys, I’ll keep you up to date on Instagram!

Check out our YouTube Channel from Quarantine for exercise demos!


Max Rounds in 15 Minutes of:

Mountain Climbers (30)
Candlesticks (8)
Kitchen Counter L-Sits (your best hold)

(read it out loud, it’s totally iambic pentameter!)

Pistol Progression: Toes touching, tight rope, ankle on calf, box, 15 reps if each
For Time:
40/30/20/10 Push-ups
10/20/30/40 Odd Object Ground to Overhead (think like medball clean and push press with a suitcase full of stuff)


Max Rounds in 20 minutes of:

20 Leg Raises
20 Sit-ups
20 Bicycle Crunches
20 Hollow Rocks (each side is a rock)


3 Rounds for Time of:

50 Stationary Lunges (hold onto something)
40 Kneeling Goodmornings
30 Rotating Jumps (only turn as far as feels safe and comfy!)


What kinda cardio you got? Got a rower? Got shoes? Got a bike? GO USE ‘EM!!

Rower: 5k Time Trial
Bike: 10k Time Trial
Walking: Find a hilly route, and smash it for 30 minutes, wear a backpack!
Running: Find a rainy windy 5k and make it happen 🙂


The gyms should be pristine at this point, leave the awe and fascination for Monday morning 🙂

100 Burpees. Seriously, try it!

Can you get it done in 10 minutes? 10 each minute?

Scale it back, do 60 if you need to. If you get 60 done in right around 6 minutes though… You know what that means! Keep going!