Lynne is so cool! You get to rest. You get to try really hard. You get sore pecs! You get better at Pull-ups. You get to test your might. And you can eat while you do the workout!!!

The Workout

5 rounds for max reps of:

Bench press at bodyweight/.7x bodyweight
Pull ups

The pull-ups should be done immediately following the bench presses. THEN the resting should take place. The rest can seriously be like 5 minutes. I know it’s forever, but the quest is to maximize the reps done per set. As for the pull-ups, if you’re wicked at pull-ups, then strict ones can be performed. But if we’re learning or re-learning how to kip and get that pattern sorted out, then those should be done. Example: I’m good for about two strict pull-ups, I should do kipping ones. Aaron is good for about 40 kipping pull-ups, he should do strict ones. And if you’ve got more strict ones than kipping, we’ve got to kip and get that to be reversed. LOTSA REPS.