***ERGWOD*** is coming Saturday 9am-3pm, if you haven’t registered, DO IT. Otherwise you’ll miss out on hanging out, having fun and smashing on rowers, bikes, and ski ergs, to the ultimate improvement of your technique allowing you to get further faster in your workouts! But let’s be serious, it’s about the hang out, come play!

***SATURDAY’S CLASS*** The morning class will be shifted earlier, to 7:00am, so that we can do that, and have the 8:00 hour to set-up, and check everyone in who’s coming to the event that day. Plan accordingly!

It’s a heavy day! Is it a squat? Is it a press? NOOOOO! It’s a Thruster! Combine the two, and jam out!

The workout:
Thruster for 1 rep Max!!

DB’s can be used of course, they’re just more dicey, don’t drop them and break my dumbbells! [hugs]