Zoom Times: 6:00am, 11am

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Here’s the workout:

At times 0:00, 4:00, 8:00 and 12:00 do a round, rest the remainder

30 DB Overhead Squats (15 left, 15 right)

30 Down Dog to Leaning Rests

30 Leg Raises (add weights/band if you can do 20 in a row)




The Overhead Squats should be tough for 10, but done with a weight that keeps you from twisting, going on your toes, or anything bad technique-wise.  Explore the load here, make it heavy as you can still get 10 reps with your off hand.

The Down Dog to Leaning Rest, smash ‘em.

The Leg Raises: we’ve been doing plenty of these, it’s time to load them, either with a DB (don’t drop it on yourself!!!) or with a band.  Load it up and work hard at these and that’ll be fun.  If you can’t get all 20 in a row, good 🙂



I think warming up with some Squat Therapy reps intermingled with pass-throughs and some 90-90’s is just darn smart.  Stretch the hamstrings to make way for the leg raises and the down dogs, and you should be good to go!